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I hope you will light up a life and give to this wonderful cause.

I hope you will light up a life and give to this wonderful cause.

I hope you will light up a life and give to this wonderful cause.

When I was young, I was always ill. As a child I spent months in Beamount Hospital, missed a lot of school. I didn’t even do a primary certificate. Not having been educated, I always felt a bit shy. But somehow, 16 years ago,I decided
to volunteer at Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services in Harold’s Cross. I’m not sure why I did – but it was one of the best decisions of my life.

I met such lovely people and started to come out of myself. We’d sit with the patients, help the fundraising team with lots of different jobs and preparing for events. After work, the six of us volunteers would go down to the canteen
and some days we’d stay for hours. It was so enriching and enjoyable. We worked on Tuesdays, and everyone called us “the Tuesday girls.” To this day, we still go out together

I have such great memories of the hospice. The staff are absolutely brilliant. There’s such a feeling of warmth and family. People look after each other, can’t do enough for each other. It’s always been like that.

My friend was in hospice and just passed away recently. Her husband rang me, just wanting to talk about how wonderful the Hospice had been for her. She was so well cared for in her final days, and that meant so much to him. He said to me, “It’s just unbelievable, Alice.”

All these years working here, I never thought I’d see the day that I became a patient. The doctors found pancreatic cancer and spots on my lungs. I’m too weak for chemo, so there’s nothing that can be done. It’s scary, the unknown. But I also have seen what extraordinary care is offered here, which gives me so much comfort.

Alice with her ‘Tuesday Girls’ groups of wonderful volunteers

As much as I can these days, I’m looking for the bright moments, the celebrations. That’s why Light Up A Life is a such a remarkable event. It’s so lovely and positive. You can really celebrate life. Thousands of people assembling, everyone with their own feelings, all doing the same thing.

I hope I’ll be remembered in that way too. Knowing those funds raised will help people in hospice get the supports, equipment and facilities they need – that’s really powerful.

I know one day I’ll need these comforts too, so I can really say thank you! My sister recently asked about flowers for my funeral, and I said, “I’m not having flowers!”

I’d like that money to go toward the hospice. It’s been my home from home for 16 years and it’s a place of love. Anyone who’s been inside just knows it. I feel it’s not much but it’s what I wanted to do and we were always so welcome and appreciated.

So, this Christmas, I hope you will light up a life and give to this wonderful cause. If you can make sure people keep feeling that peace and care, even after I’m gone, it will be the most wonderful gift.
Thank you very much indeed



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