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Our Complementary Therapies and Joyful Activities

Our Complementary Therapies and Joyful Activities

Our Complementary Therapies and Joyful Activities

The Complementary & Creative Arts therapies Department has been an integrated part of our services since 1994. They play a key role in the holistic care of our patients and residents. The team provides a range of supports to patients including aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, relaxation and meditation techniques.


Joyful Activities

Thanks to continued support from the public we can also offer a calendar of joyful activities throughout the year. For instance, our patients and residents crafted traditional St Brigid’s Day crosses using rushes. They created hearts for Valentines day, sang songs and made fantastic paintings for St Patrick’s Day.

They learned decoupage techniques and also made colourful goblets using recycled materials. And to celebrate Bealtaine residents created a display called ‘ A trip down memory lane’ where they included emotive snapshots and stories of their lives and all the things that hold meaning for them still today.

Through your kindness, supporting Light Up A life, you make these much loved activities possible.

Other specialist offerings :The Cocoon Therapy ‘Jacuzzi’ Bath

A sensory and therapeutic experience for patients where they can enhance their sense of well-being and relaxation.

The Ergo Cocoon therapy bath has inbuilt posture management and is designed to improve patient outcomes and wellbeing. Patients can be positioned in the bath “Cocooned” by the tubs fully supportive contours which provide excellent posture management and a safe comfortable bathing experience. The bath is equipped with “Spa Care” options which comprise audio, hydro, relaxation lighting and aroma, with these options used in conjunction with patient wishes and suitability.

This Bath is used by end-of-life patients who are often weak, vulnerable and coping with the limitations of their illness. Crucially, it provides the highest possible standard of safety and support to patients who might otherwise have limited bathing options. It provide exceptional aromatherapy and hydrotherapy options, with additional audio connections and relaxation lighting.

The sensory & therapeutic spa experience and Cocoon bath:

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Helps reduce pain
  • Helps improve sleep patterns
  • Helps reduce stress and tension and improve a sense of well being
  • Helps alleviate psychological distress
  • Helps improve well-being and quality of life
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